John is an exciting contemporary artist with an unusually varied background. He has degrees in art and science subjects, a doctorate in computer vision and has owned and managed successful businesses in both high-tech and leisure sectors, winning numerous awards. (more about John)



John is fascinated by machine intelligence and by how the application of simple rules can have complicated consequences. He believes that perception is behind the evolution of human intelligence, which is why art “works” (i.e. why we see ‘things’ in a painting rather than just flat blobs of colour) and why art is so important. (examples of John's work)


If you are interested in John's work, either as an art-lover, collector, buyer or dealer, John would be very pleased to hear from you. (contact details)

If you are interested in visiting North Devon then John can recommend Exmoor Cottage Holidays at Town Tenement Farm, a small group of stone-built cottages in large gardens on Exmoor, each with a wood burning stove and a private enclosed garden.


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