"My principal economic aim has been to avoid having to work for anyone else. I achieved this initially through higher education, then ran a high-tech business to exploit my patents, which I sold to buy a run-down holiday park. After upgrading the park to five-stars, I sold it to realise my long-held ambition to pursue a career as a full-time artist."




1975 - 1979 : Bsc Building Construction, University of Central London.
1981 - 1984 : BA Art & Design, Bradford Art College (twice commended).
1986 - 1990 : PhD Digitising Human Faces, CNAA.


1986 : Advanced Computer Graphics, Middlesex Polytechnic.
1989 : Machine Vision, National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride.
1991 : Advanced Imaging Sensors, Scientific Societies, London.
1992 : SWORD Innovation, Barnsley BIC.
1993 - 1996 : Committee Member of the UK Industrial Vision Association.
1994 : Advanced Image Processing, University of Cambridge.
1998 : Welcome Host, NDMB 
1998 - 2000 : Founder & Chairman of Hele Community Group.


1985 : “Sussworms”, Artificial Intelligence for Society , Brighton Polytechnic, 12-13th July.
1986 : “An Integrated Speech Therapy Aid”, International Society of Augmentative & Alternative Communication, St. David’s Centre , Cardiff, 22-24th Sept.
1990 : “Digitising Human Faces”, PhD Thesis.
1990 : “Interpolated Phase Stepping Moire Topography”, Applied Optics & Opto-Electronics, Nottingham University 17-20th Sept. 
1991 : “Remote Object 3-D Surface Measurement”, Defence Contractors Equipment Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham, 16th May.
1992 : “Automatic Inspection of Glass Container Moulds”, Applied Optics & Opto-Electronics, Leeds University 15-17th Sept.
1995 : “Practical Applications of Fringe Analysis”, 3-D Imaging, Royal Society of Arts, London, 2-3rd Feb.
1995 : “An Overview of Non-contact Digitising”, IPOT ‘95, NEC, February. 
1995 : “Practical Fringe Analysis”, Current Machine Vision, British Institute Radiology, London, 12th July.
1995 : “Practical 3-D Vision”, SIRA Intelligent Imaging Programme, Society of the Chemical Industry, Belgrave Sq., London, 28th Nov.
1996 : “3-D Vision”, Optical Techniques for Dimensional Metrology, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 27th March.
1996 : “The Future of 3-D Vision”, AGM of the UK Industrial Vision Association, Brighton Polytechnic, 18th September.
2001 : “A History of Hele”, local history website, Millennium Commission. See



Peter Lilley (then Trade Secretary) congratulates John Moore on his RIG Award for machine vision, 3-D Research, Barnsley 1990 

(full article) 



John at 3-D Research, Barnsley, Business Review 1992 

(full article)



John setting up his 3-D digitiser, from Yorkshire Post 1994 

(full article)




1984 - 1985 : PT Lecturer Computer Aided Design, Bradford College.
1985 : Self-employed CAD consultant under EAS.
1986 : Developed speech-synchronised computer face animation for Microtech Solutions Ltd, shown at 1987 PC User Show, Olympia.
1986 - 1997 : Founded 3-D Research to exploit own patents in 3-D digitising, developed several prototypes with DTI funding, consulted on projects with Rolls-Royce, European Gas Turbines and Liverpool John Moores University.
1997 - 2003 : Upgraded caravan holiday park near Ilfracombe from unlisted to five-stars within four years. Tripled the turnover in six years.
2004 - Present : Full-time artist working from home in Devon.   


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