This is a small selection of John's early work spanning over 20 years. John has always been fascinated by how things are constructed and by how things are seen, which  have influenced his interests in art and science and led to his ground-breaking research in computer vision. Click on an image below for more information on that group.




John's interest in art (paradoxically) led to a scientific career. This is because he was fascinated by the 'mind-body problem' and in particular the possibility of machine intelligence. When he started writing computer programs, he became hooked on the extraordinary way that complex systems arise from the repetition of many simple rules. He found expression for this in machine vision research, but alas, after a few years, the commercial pressures of management took him away from programming.   

John's recent work revisits his philosophical and artistic interests and he is delighted to find that they are still topical and relevant after over 20 years. 

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